Moshka Pekingese

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CH Moshka's Heartbreaker  "Katie her parents are Secret and Suky



  Report Date: 10/06/2012

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Moshka's Heartbreaker

Name:Moshka's Heartbreaker
AKC #:TS120744/01 Breed/Variety:Pekingese
Birth Date:03/07/2012 Sex:Female
Colors/Markings:Fawn Black Mask
Breeder(s):Amy McCrary/Ed McCrary


Moshka's Heartbreaker
Fawn Black Mask
Quadra Suky
TR903202/01 02-12 (Canada)
Gray Sable
AKC DNA #V648002
 CH Winsome Brice By St Aubrey
CKC PS993349
CH St. Aubrey Jubilation of Elsdon
CH St Aubrey Frangelico of Elsdon
(CH St Aubrey Touch of Gold of Elsdon
CH St Aubrey Gin Fizz of Elsdon
CH St Aubrey Ladyship of Elsdon
CH Pendenrah Gentleman Jim of St Aubrey
St Aubrey Mascara of Elsdon
CH St. Aubrey Cilla of Elsdon
CH Yakee Fantabulous of St.Aubrey
CH Tenling Golden Arrow of Pekehuis
Yakee Sparkling Diamond
St. Aubrey Songbird of Elsdon
Kushan Gold Ransom of Pekehuis
CH St Aubrey Taoregency  Treble
Quadra's Precious
CKC PA911606
CH Joliminois Jimminy of Gibidy
CH Pendenrah Gentlemen Jim of St Aubrey
Pendenrah Ruby Ann
St Aubrey Eyeful of Elsdon
CH Livanda Laurence of Micklee
St Aubrey Mascara of Elsdon
Quadra's Haye Chit Chat
CH St Aubrey Boni Bon of Elsdon
CH St Aubrey Chit Chat
CH St Aubrey Golden Bee of Elsdon
Quadra's Folie
Quadra's Chad
Quadra's La Noue
Starfrost I Have Secret
TR629308/02 04-09
Sushima White Cider
TR351428/01 03-06 (United Kingdom)
AKC DNA #V401203
Singlewell Harlequin
Delwin Another Ts'zee
Toydom's Quite Outrageous
Delwin Sweet Dreams
KCR Q5109403Q04
Singlewell Jasmine
KCR Q0744802Q01
Bahho Petit Ajax
Singlewell Margurita
KCR M4663101M03
(United Kingdom)
Sushima White Kristal
KCR AC01916101
Sushima Snow Storm
TP299946/01 01-03 (United Kingdom)
AKC DNA #V257346
Sushima Total Blackout
KCR Y5244301Z01
Sushima Double Brandy
KCR Y5244203Z01
Sushima White Tinsel
KCR X3648804X03
Singlewell Blizzard
KCR V3688005V03
Robetas Ice Diamond Of Sushima
KCR W1497002W02
Starfrost Sweeter Than Wine
TR271855/02 05-06
Red Black Mask
Starfrost Harlequin Romance
TR075517/01 11-04
Red Sable Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V326090
Sushima Snow Storm
TP299946/01 01-03 (United Kingdom)
AKC DNA #V257346
Sushima Total Blackout
KCR Y5244301Z01
Sushima Double Brandy
KCR Y5244203Z01
Starfrost Dancin' Dolly
TP122824/02 04-03
Black White Markings
Jonsville Love Struck
TN617608/01 09-98 (United Kingdom)
Fawn Black Mask
Starfrost Midnight Octavia
TN764989/01 07-00
Black White Markings
Starfrost Marsha
TP122831/01 11-04
Coodeefo-Iceman Of Starfrost
TN178517/03 12-95
AKC DNA #V147523
CH Su-Kai Velvet Frost
TD357104 04-92
AKC DNA #V152997
Starfrost's Flashy Fiona
TM866451/02 11-93
Starfrost Ice Fantasy II
TN558164/04 01-99
Starfrost Grand Pooh-Bah
TM710585/01 10-97
Fawn Black Mask
Coodeefoo Rani Arabella
TN367709/01 10-97
Fawn Black Mask

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  Baby Katie



                              6 Months

                                                 6 Months

                              6 Months 

Katie's 5 point major win in Monroe Mi Imperial Pekingese Club of Greater Flint  she is 6 months

                  11 Months


                                        1 Year