Moshka Pekingese

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Brutus gets the snake!

Ando and Claire Bear 4 1/2 months

Suky 3 years

Ando and Claire Bear 7 months

Secret showing off her bikini

Ando and Claire Bear 7 months

Ando and Claire Bear at 10 months after blowing puppy coat

Genji, Ando, Claire Bear, Kevin, Snoop

Claire Bear 18 months and Star 5 months

Pekes Playing  some of my dogs are shaved down some are rescues

Some of our dogs...

Video of 4 week old pekingese with a 4 week old boston terrier

Some of my dogs

Claire Bear about 8 months

Pissed Off Pekingese Noises, Atticus doesn't like a bath

Molly 11 months playing with an 8 week old poodle

Some of the dogs

Suky 3 years

Claire Bear and Butch

Katie at puppy class almost 6 months

Star 9 months   Claire Bear 20 months

Brutus 5 months

Iris and Derek's puppies 7 weeks

Bunny, Brett, and Brutus at Puppy Class

Bunny, Brett 6 months and Brutus  8 months

Claire Bear 2 years old

Brutus 1 year old

Claire Bear, Molly  and Ando  Molly is 7 months

Kinji the afghan hound,  CH Claire Bear, Molly, and Katie

Brutus and Friends

Katie always lays in her water bowl

Perry and Adele 10 weeks

Some of my dogs, some are just pets,  some are shaved down


Adele 4 months  Nelly 8 weeks

Jorja and Bernie's red and white parti puppies 4 weeks

Pequest Breaking Bad     "Walt"  10 weeks

Mick and Ruby 6 months

My dogs

Ruby and Walter

Dogs Playing

Katie and Rodger's babies

Naughty Puppy Walter at the Tallmadge show he is 7 months

Leah at the Tallmadge Show 2015

Skyler, Marie and Jesse 6 weeks

Jesse, Marie, Skyler and Sheri

Adele and Derek's puppies 5 weeks

Skyler, Marie, Jesse, and Sheri

Adele and Derek's puppies  one is a blue and white parti color

Walter, Jesse, Skyler, and Marie

Winnie and Cody 8 weeks old

Ed getting Peked

Mick, Ruby, Walter, Jesse, Marie, Skyler, and Angel

Carrie and Derek's 7 week old puppies

Cody and Winnie 13 weeks

J Lo and Levi  Claire Bear's babies

Jesse, Mason, Marie, Leah, and Walt

Winnie, Cody, J Lo, and Ben

Eddy and Gavin  8 months, and 12 weeks

Mariah and Derek's 4 week old white babies

Lua and Shelly